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Copenhagen concert 1st of March

We are glad to invite you all to this unique evening : An Albidus Assemblage

Come see a presentation of three individual projects that have an interest for the banal, share a common atmosphere and deal with questions of identity, apathy, curiosity, new sounds and performance.

It’s a night of experimentation and a wish for pushing possibilities in regard to evolve as artists and performers and give something different to the audience.

Tan Tuan Hao + The Deadly Bed + Vúlcan
After-Party with KIM KIM



Tan Tuan Hao 21.00

The Deadly Bed 21.30

Vúlcan 22.00


KIM KIM live 00.00

Free admission – limited space.

Tan Tuan Hao
Souls – improvisation for flute and electronics.

The Deadly Bed
A slightly absurd, tragi-comedic musical theatre in two acts. First performance. Written and directed by Sofia Stara Albidus and music composed by Tan Tuan Hao. Performing actors: Simon Rasmussen and Sebastian Halfdan Haugelund.

The fellas 1 and 2 contemplate on the act of (non)acting and the future. Let us not act but think dear friends, because contemplation alone will bring salvation. Their dialogue is interrupted by the danse macabre of the deadly beds and the outside world alone with a love-letter from God.

Vúlcan is a Scandinavian duo producing synth based music with deep electronic beats where tropical vibes meets a Nordic melancholic ambience. Their music is combined with a strong visual identity and an urge to experiment with live concerts. Their main focus is to search for new possibilities, performance wise and to give their audience an unique experience where music, performance and visual art collides.

After-party with KIM KIM
K-onquer the thrown
I – slaughter a song
M-ake it my own

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